Dr. Robert Schmohl


Selected Projects

since 01/2017

Ridership and passenger count management system

Position: Application Architect

This system aggregates a significant part of the passenger flow in the transportation network in the Munich metropolitan area. It accumulates a large amount of data (multiple billion entries) in a powerful relational database. Multiple batch runs are employed for plausibility checks aiming at raising the quality of this data. The data is eventually employed to generate multi-million Euros in revenue from the transportation fares.

09/2015 – 03/2016

BMW iDEAL: Retail, Lease & Loan

Position: Technical Architect

As part of a voluminous IT modernization project at BMW FS, White Clarke Group has been contracted to integrate their asset finance software for managing lease and loan contracts. This means embedding the product into a complex IT landscape, replacing legacy systems while interfacing with other enterprise systems.

05/2012 – 01/2015

Virtual Power Plant

Position: Project manager, senior software engineer

The project program encompassed the development and extension of multiple applications supporting the virtual power plant (VPP) of the SWM. The VPP aggregates numerous single low-power generators to a high-power virtual unit. The project encompassed multiple sub projects: the extension of the client web portal for client power schedule management and the development of an interface extension for the VPP’s energy guidance system, so that external providers of power generator pools can be hooked into the VPP.

07/2014 – 01/2015

Remote Meter Readout

Position: Support coordinator

The remote meter readout process (“Zählerfernauslesung”) at Stadtwerke München is a critical process, which is responsible for acquiring the most current remote meter readings of gas and power meters. Running hourly, those readings are delivered to the German Federal Network Agency every day at 12:00. Missing compliance would result in serious sanctions against the power provider, i.e. Stadtwerke München. Thus, the remote meter readout process is regarded a critical process having high priority in the company.

07/2012 – 09/2013

Security and Safety Analysis of a Virtual Power Plant

Position: Project lead, IT Analyst

The virtual power (VPP) plant of the SWM is tied to the company’s central energy guidance system. Thus, it is embedded within a highly critical infrastructure with strong requirements concerning availability, safety and security. For this, reason a safety and security analysis was conducted. It was executed according to the guidelines published by the German agency for IT security (“Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik”), labelled “BSI Grundschutz”.

05/2011 – 04/2012

Takeover and Extension of a Depot Management System

Position: Senior developer

A bank in Aschheim has employed a particular software system for managing the depots of its clients. After the developer of this system went bankrupt, the bank was left with a critical system without support. Itestra stepped in and took over maintenance and extension of the system so that it could be kept in use, eliminating the need to deploy any hasty and risky replacements.

since 2007


Position: project lead

weebee is an online meeting portal allowing friends to easily set up events together. It has been designed to be accessed primarily by mobile phones enabling communication channels such as Web, SMS, MMS and an XML interface for external applications. Due to an unclear monetizing concept, the prototype is currently in dormant state at www.weebee.de.

Full Project List

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